Paintings in Collection D

Size             Metal        Framed

10x20            $  ------       $ 120

15x30                                      245

20x40                                      360

* Larger sizes available

What You Get:

Paintings are giclée printed with archival quality inks onto  water proof canvas and gallery wrapped.  Or infused onto metal.    Each piece is signed and  numbered and certified as an original work of art.

To order: 

Use my Contact Page to email me or call me to place your custom order with personalized service. 

Framing Options:

Paintings can be finished in a floating frame or our custom, handmade frames.  See Framing Options page for more detail.

The  custom handmade repurposed wood frames are made by wood artist Bob Nowak.  Each  is originally painted to complement the colors of the paired painting.  The two become one beautiful, unique synergistic piece of  art.