Each piece of my work begins with capturing a moment in time.  Through software that I created I am able  to manipulate my photographs giving them the color, composition and feeling  that is unique to my work. An original painting is created depicting bold colors and unique strokes to visually tell a story that is intended to make people feel good and make them smile. 

Paintings are giclée printed with archival  quality inks onto waterproof canvas and gallery  wrapped; or are heat  infused directly into the metal or on acrylic creating unsurpassed resolution  and color vibrancy.  Either way, they are ready to hang as is;  or may be framed in our original custom handmade re-purposed wood frames; or set into a floater frame. 

Each piece of my work is an original signed and  numbered quality piece of art at an affordable price. I strongly believe that  high-quality art does not need to be expensive.

This exclusive technique and outcome has been  awarded and recognized at the Miami Fine Art Festival, St. Stephens Art  Festival and Melbourne Art Festival as well as being selected as the featured artist at the 2017 Pigeon Key Art Festival in  Marathon with my work of art “Solitude”.