TerriLynn’s  colorful spirit and passionate, vibrant personality radiate through her work. This same positive energy has given her the courage to overcome a severe, lifelong disability. She continues to challenge herself and experience life to its fullest. Her extensive worldwide travel has opened her eyes to unique, diverse beauty, while cherishing the richness of her everyday surroundings. She views the world as her canvas waiting for the colors and strokes to be captured for eternity. 

TerriLynn sees artistry in all things – lines, motion, light, color, and life by capturing the simple beauty of nature. She transforms each work into a painting of what our mind’s eye sees through color, light, and movement, so the viewer can’t help but smile and be happy. 

TerriLynn hopes her art conveys her mantra:

"Live in the moment and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering!"