Being a photographer for over 25 years it has been my passion to capture the world with all its light, shape, form,  and most of all, color as they intertwine to create such perfect harmony.  Several years ago, I found myself working in  an old software program when it occurred to me that I could manipulate the  software to take my photographs to a new level of movement and color.  Through the use of a tablet attached to my  computer screen I am able to use different brushes, and a  full palette of colors,  control the vibrancy and intensity to remaster my photographs into original  paintings that pull in the viewer as if they were there.  My exclusive technique and the outcome of my digital  art has been awarded and recognized at  the Miami Fine Art Festival, St. Stephens Art Festival and Melbourne Art Festival.  My painting “Solitude” was the featured art  at the 2017 Pigeon Key Art Festival in Marathon.

As I’ve  grown as an artist so does my art.  By  taking it to another dimension I’m creating interesting abstracts from my  photographs. As these pieces are very different than my original work, they are  signed by “SHE” instead of “TerriLynn”.

                                                             The  story of “SHE”

I have  a sweet, handsome, mentally challenged adult son named Brian.  He has lived with me all of his life.  We are best buds and he is my date to many  activities.  Over the years my older son  and I have noticed that when talking to others he frequently refers to me as she  rather than mom.  During my introduction to  a couple who were sitting across from us at an intimate music venue, Brian  says, “She is an artist. She paints. Here’s her card.”  Now this wasn’t anything too unusual as he  has always promoted me well.  But at that  moment it hit me that my new abstract pieces should be under the name “SHE” in  honor of the best “manager” an artist could have.  Thank you, Brian!

I hope my art motivates the viewer to live my mantra:

"Live in the moment and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering!"